Dedicated to a Cleaner Manitoba

Notre Dame Used Oil has operated out of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba, for the last 10 years. We have made it our mission to provide Manitobans with a quick, easy way to recycle their used oil, oil filters, oil containers, waste batteries, and antifreeze. Get paid for it too!

Solving our customer's waste management problem is our primary concern. We work very closely with our clients and offer convenient options for waste pick-up and disposal. Our experienced drivers will come directly to you, but our brand new Eco-Centre is also open year-round for client drop-offs and can accomodate any volume of used oil, be it 5, or 500 litres.

Great Service That Puts Money In Your Pocket !

Our friendly drivers come on site and do the work for you, and you get a check before they leave. No need to wait for us to send it to you! Get money in exchange for reliable service anywhere in rural Manitoba, and anywhere in Winnipeg. You can either request a pickup online now through our website or phone us directly at:

Pickup Phone Number