Oil Container Retrieval Service

Notre Dame Used Oil offers to retrieve your used oil, antifreeze, and windshield washer containers safely and as frequently as is necessary. We provide heavy-duty bags as well as bag-stands in which to store the used oil containers between pickups. We accomodate all of our clients by offering either regular pickups, or request-based pickups.

People dispose of used oil containers in various ways, some of which cam be harmful not only to the environment, by also to themselves. Burning oil containers releases dangerous chemicals dangerous to one's health. Residual oil remaining inside the containers can seep into the soil. One litre of used oil can pollute one million litres of water.

Notre Dame Used Oil guarantees it operates under the strictest environmental standards. Our facilities are regularily inspected and mantained to ensure responsible and safe practices when handling materials harmful to the environment.

The oil containers are recycled into plastic pellets which can be used to make new containers, as well as many other products.