Used Oil Filter Disposal Service

Notre Dame Used Oil offers Used Oil Filter Disposal to all its clients. Our drivers will come to your business and dispose of your used oil filters for you. We are committed to offering this recycling service in the most environmentally responsible and customer-friendly way.

This service includes the disposal of used engine oil filters from cars, trucks, machines, and other heavy equipment. We provide barrels in which to store the oil filters prior to pick-up. The barrels prevent any used oil leakage from the oil filters into the soil. Used oil filters can contain on average 8 ounces / 250 ml of residual engine oil, and are made up of 85% steel which takes forever to decompose if dumped in a landfill.

Notre Dame Used Oil guarantees it operates under the strictest environmental standards. Our facilities are regularily inspected and mantained to ensure responsible and safe practices when handling materials harmful to the environment.

The used oil filters are crushed and all the residual oil is drained. The filters are then brought to a recycling facility which reprocesses the steel to be re-used in various manufacturing industries.