Used Antifreeze Recovery Service

Notre Dame Used Oil has recently expanded its list of services to include antifreeze recovery. All of our drivers can now dispose of any amount of used antifreeze for your company. We will provide 200-litre barrels free of charge to store the antifreeze safely between pickups.

Antifreeze is made from ethylene glycol, which is known a poisonous substance. 2 228 000 litres of antifreeze are collected in Manitoba each year. Used antifreeze can contain copper, zinc, lead, benzene and other substances from automobile engines that can cause risks to the environment if leaked, spilled or dumped improperly. Antifreeze dumped in nature can have an especially negative on aquatic life as the degradation of glycol demands large amounts of oxygen, which is essential to the survival of all underwater species. Although glycol does eventually break down, antifreeze often contains rust inhibitors, lead and benzene. These chemicals do not break down and present an even bigger threat to the environment.

We invite you to let Notre Dame Used Oil become a part of your waste management solution. Set up a regular pickup schedule or submit a request whenever you need antifreeze disposed of, our experienced drivers will come on site and get rid of these harmful chemicals safely and properly.

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