Used Oil Pickup Service

Our company simply provides the best solution for used motor oil disposal. Companies from all over Manitoba have already made Notre Dame Used Oil a vital part of their waste management program: municipal eco-centres, factories, garages, farmers, as well as many others. The equipment and facilities utilized in processing this used oil are all government inspected and certified, and are all maintained up to the highest environmental and operational standards.

Our flexibility is key for our clients. As well as offering a year-round Pickup Request service, we can accomodate clients with larger volumes of oil by setting up a regular pickup schedule. We also provide different used oil storage tanks all free of charge.

Notre Dame Used Oil has been working in close partnership with HD-Petroleum to develop technologies for the future of used oil recycling. The used oil goes through an initial filtration process at our Eco-Centre Facility; it is then be shipped to the HD-Petroleum refinery to be recycled back into useable diesel fuel. HD-Petroleum is a Manitoban company who is changing used oil recycling through innovation. Find out more about our partners.